David Kimmick

Art Director

A blend of the pragmatic and ethereal gives Kimmick a whimsically tactical approach to design.

David, who universally goes by his last name Kimmick, is a seasoned designer. Having worked both in-house and in agencies, his varied background gives him the skills to manage multiple client voices as well as adhere to strict deadlines.

More importantly, Kimmick can both concept and execute. Not only can he solve creative problems on a high level, but he can also create a tangible solution.

Kimmick has a soft spot for print/book design, but his extensive skillset translates easily into web, apps, and other digital applications. His insane curiosity means he's often exploring other mediums in his free time, which range from woodworking to cross stitching.

These extracurricular projects often find their way (sometimes literally) back into the office and sometimes into the next big client project. He has the ability to marry art and science to produce golden nuggets for his clients. We call him the Alchemist.

What is Kimmick’s favorite part of working at Merit?

Merit gives Kimmick the freedom to create and refine his own creative process.

What is Kimmick’s favorite Merit value?

Fail every day

How does Kimmick define success?

Success is the drive to constantly outdo and one-up yourself.

Kimmick’s life motto

Less but better (from dieter rams)