Denise Kohnke

Chief Strategy Officer

The sector dominance equation is 100% strategy + 100% execution + 100% bravery. When you get it, you get it.

Denise is an open book of insight.

She’s been behind the curtain of hundreds of marketing departments; she understands both reality and idealism, and their respective interplay to success. Her specialty is making spaces for strong, sustainable brand impact.

She’s won international awards for strategy and effectiveness. And even creative. Her work as a strategist extends from the epicenter of creating business vision to persuasion of individuals based on cognitive biases, fallacies in logic, behavioral economics and “surfboarding” megatrends. Scary? You bet. But she only wields power on behalf of good.

Favorite part of working at Merit?

Merit’s people are all focused on invention. Yes, Market Invention, but also invention in the broadest sense. No one here “calls it in” based on old traditions or processes. No one utters the words, “This is how it’s always been done.” The world is new today! And will be tomorrow! To a person, everyone here is a vision-focused agent of change. Makers for good!

Favorite Merit value

Embrace the Unknown.

How Does Denise Define Success?

Success is a step to something new.

Denise's life motto:

Teach everyone around you everything you know, and learn everything you can from others. Then find ways to say “yes.”