Native and Contextual Advertising x Market Invention

Native and contextual sources have spiked in popularity amongst digital strategists. Consumers are relying heavily on these sources for relevant and factual content, especially as new technologies and markets are invented.  

Whereas native ad placements are paid and encompass articles and videos in line with the form and function of the site or platform, contextual marketing is considered an owned source. Ad spends focused around contextual placements are used to leverage that content and views. The largest benefit that marketers are seeing from these models is subliminal ad views. Why would we want to inhibit consumer ad recognition? The answer is congruent with the same reason DVR was invented. Consumers do not actually want to waste their time on ads.  

Most businesses underestimate the power behind native and contextual traffic. While other media types can be pertinent in the sales process, native and contextual are one of the most important pieces to the market education step in the Market Invention process. These placements are key to the evolution of the market and demand generation. It serves as the most informative component in converting consumers.  

So what should you be spending on native and contextual advertising efforts? Marketers continue to struggle with providing some kind of ROI structure behind marketing efforts; something big brands are not willing to go without as part of the package. Defining measurable goals for those efforts is where most lack. Unlike traditional digital strategies, there is no question of deliverable outcomes when it comes to Market Invention and native spend. We want to increase impressions and prospects by reaching a relevant audience and also see a parallel increase in return visitors to digital content and brand materials.  

How do we quantify success with native and contextual ad spend? Data attribution in relation to website analytics, Adwords analytics, and other touch points are Merit’s best friends when it comes to successful market education and invention.

Related content drives the way users experience and find new business, services and products.  Native and contextual advertising lead the Market Invention process through education, and we can help.

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