SEO/SEM and Market Invention

Search has redefined how users find available information on the internet pertaining to subjects and categories we label as “keywords”. Businesses seem to understand the importance of having highly searchable online presence, but far and few between understand how they can utilize free organic traffic through SEO and also where and when they should buy into SEM programs.

Embedded keywords and content collaboration make up the soul of SEO efforts and layout a structure for inbound marketing techniques. However, it is not as simple as throwing up a few commonly searched terms and calling it a day. Keyword research plays an integral part of the entire process and should be regularly revisited as markets and consumer trends shift. Although before any search efforts are enacted, it is crucial for a full technical site analysis to take place to identify changes that need to be made to positively affect user experience.

Google Analytics provides insight into all attributes used to measure ROI of online presence. There is a definite science behind SEO/SEM efforts and even more of a science behind the data attribution used throughout the Market Invention timeline to ensure client budgets are stretched as far as possible. Call-to-action buttons/links, inbound clicks, direct traffic, cost-per-click, organic page views, etc. all help configure content structuring and identify where Market Invention can take off.

Market Invention puts even more power behind search marketing’s role in Merit’s full-service digital marketing programs. How will relevant users learn about the new market? How will they find the new products/services that make up this market? From start to finish, SEO/SEM can serve as valuable assets in creating and maintaining market dominance.  

While SEO can serve as a cost-effective way to approach advertising at large, paid SEM should not be undervalued.  SEM is the sword behind the soldier, with the ability to move targeted keywords to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).  If utilized properly in a demand generation strategy, SEM has the ability to drive user experience and dominate the Market Invention process.

Search marketing is part of the planning that goes into new strategies and generating demand.  It also drives the way we develop and execute content. Don’t just rely on a keyword list, we can help by putting all the elements together under one roof.

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Merit is the global leader in market invention. More often than not, our work carves out an entirely new market and transforms industry through research and strategy, communications, creative, and technology. For a company to succeed in the new era of marketing, it needs Merit.

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